Solemn and Quiet Preludes (Nos. 2&3 from 15 Preludes for piano) DIGITAL - Iain James Veitch

Product Code: FM030-02D


These are the second and third pieces in my set of 15 Preludes. I have made these a pair simply because the first piece is only one page long! I hope soon to make available a complete hard-copy edition. In the meantime, because of a number of requests, I'm making each Prelude available as a separate download.

Please note that the download process is not automatic. Once I've received your order the pdf file(s) will be emailed to you, usually within an hour or two often sooner  - unless the order comes in during the middle of the night!  

Here is a youtube link to the composer performing the piece:


  • number of pages: 5
  • duration: 4' 45"
  • Version: Digital (pdf)
  • Brand: Fieldgate Music
  • Product Code: FM030-02D