Puer Nobis Nascitur  (SATB) Iain James Veitch MULTI-COPY DIGITAL EDITION

Puer Nobis Nascitur (SATB) Iain James Veitch MULTI-COPY DIGITAL EDITION

Product Code: FMD129


Puer Nobis Nascitur (SATB) by Iain James Veitch (Digital Download edition - see notes below)

Text: Anon (c1582)

Duration: 3 mins

Print edition also available

In overall structure this setting follows the standard ‘congregational’ carol format - the same music repeats, perhaps with some variations in dynamics, for all verses. However, in this case the modes change from verse to verse so that the resultant harmonic flavour better suits the meaning of the words.

For example, verse one is in the ionian mode, verse two in the lydian mode, and verse three in the aeolian mode (in which the melody is given to the tenors.) The final verse, however, after the calmer dorian fourth verse is a rousing variation in the same mode as the opening.

Although this carol was completed late in 2019, the last verse was originally commissioned by the BBC as the theme music to one of their annual BBC Choir of the Year productions. This was sometime in the 90s - I can’t remember exactly when!

A keyboard reduction is included for rehearsal purposes.

here is a video-score demo using sample libraries:

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  • Product Code: FMD129