Phos 'n' Phon (two flutes) score and parts IAN LAWSON

Product Code: ISMN 979-0-57053-033-5


Phos 'n' Phon is a short (3:30) piece for two flutes - left and right (LH & RH). The publication consists of a score and a part each for the two flutes.

The parts are similar except that the R.H. flute is a small stave on the L.H. flute part, and visa-versa. This allows a more practical page turn for each player than could be nicely achieved on the score.  


  • Size: 29X20
  • number of pages - score: 5
  • number of pages - parts: 4
  • duration: 3:30
  • difficulty: advanced
  • Product Code: ISMN 979-0-57053-033-5
  • Brand: Fieldgate Music