Iain James Veitch - Kin - CD

Product Code: FMCD006


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Comes in a gatefold card wallet complete with eight-page booklet featuring many of the old family photos that inspired this album.

1. Two Bridges
2. Iona
3. Freefall
4.Culloden Moor
5. Summer Isles
6. For Eliza
7. By Rail and Boat
8. Maude in the Morning
9. The Streets of Kirkcaldy
10. Paths (to a new world)
11. The Damask Weavers
12. Sun Glitter
13. Ferry Fair
14. The Mysterious Miss Cleland

Piano and compositions: Ian James Veitch
Recorded: Fieldgate studios
Piano: Fazioli 228
Mixed and Mastered: Andrew Lawson8
Artwork and Design Aga Tomaseck

CD ships from August 13


  • duration: 43 mins
  • Brand: Fieldgate Music
  • Product Code: FMCD006
  • Weight: 0.1kg