Cymru Dewi Sant  (SATB & Organ) Iain James Veitch MULTI-COPY DIGITAL EDITION

Cymru Dewi Sant (SATB & Organ) Iain James Veitch MULTI-COPY DIGITAL EDITION

Product Code: FMD142


Dewi Cymru Sant  (SATB & Organ) by Iain James Veitch (Digital Download edition - see notes below)

Total duration: 5' 25"

Text: A E Jones (Cynan)

Cymru Dewi Sant was composed in 2016 using the Welsh-language text by Sir Albert Evans-Jones (1895-1970) (known in Wales by his bardic name of Cynan)

I was unable to find any information about the poem Cymru Dewi Sant - including its copyright owner and status. However, it was written to fit the tune Penlan composed by the Welsh composer David Jenkins (1849-1915).

This is a tune I remember from my school days in Wrexham as a hymn called Pa Le, Pa Fodd Dechreuf (Meaning: Where, and how do I begin) (text by Roger Edwards 1811-86)

However, perhaps the best known text associated with this tune is In Heavenly Love Abiding By Anna Letitia Waring (1823-1910) available here.

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  • Product Code: FMD142