Ave Maria (Helen Ostafew) multi-copy digital edition

Ave Maria (Helen Ostafew) multi-copy digital edition



Ave Maria was premiered by The Chamber Choir of Europe in Mannheim on May 20th 2019 conducted by Nicol Matt. The concert was part of the 70th celebration of fundamental law in Germany and focused on peace and tolerance featuring music from many different European countries. I was very pleased to represent the UK and to have such a beautiful first performance.

This edition is suitable for choirs that wish to print their own hard copies or to view the score on a display device. The product is a licence in which the composer personally authorises the choir to print, or use on a display device, a specified number of copies. The licence is for the sole use of the specified choir and is not transferable in any circumstances. This means that the licence, and any hard copies consequently produced, cannot, for example, be sold, loaned, gifted, or hired to any other party.

On receipt of an order we will prepare a unique, personalised, PDF of the score that also includes the name of the licensee and the number of copies allowed.   



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